Jenner Family Jewels


Paps: "Miss Jenner, Miss Jenner! Was Kanye at the property at the time of the theft?"

Just months after Kim Kardashian was allegedly robbed at gunpoint of all her jewellery in Paris, her sister Kendall (that's the younger hotter one, not the huge scary dude-looking one) has been blobbed for £163,000 worth of her jewellery by daytime burglars who sauntered into her gaff sometime around lunch on Wednesday 15th.

The LAPD claim that they are aware that the Hollywood celebrity element is being targeted in a string of "jewellery burglaries" that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Kanye West being currently financially embarrassed because his clothing line looks like tramp cast offs and is, therefore, doing a number on the insurance to recuperate his vast losses.

Who's next? Caitlyn? Not likely, she had the good sense to get rid of the family jewels a couple of years ago.

* update

TMZ are now reporting that an inside source at the LAPD told them they are treating this as suspocious. There were no signs of forced entry coupled with the fact that the imaginary burglar knew exactly where Kendall stashes her tasteless bling all point to one thing... no, NOT ANOTHER KANYE WEST SPONSORED HEIST, that this was an inside job.

The source reports Kendall was having a party with a bunch of fiends on Wednesday night. At some point in the evening she heard an alarm warning that someone opened a door, but she thought it must be Kanye stealing her jewellery to hock and dig himself out of the huge hole he is in... NO, NOT THAT, NOT THAT.

Respec' Yeezy

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