Dainty Blue Cluster

This unique ring is set with a Sapphire in a stunning shade of vivid light blue, surrounded by a halo of Diamonds securely set in a palladium 'wed fit' mount designed to fit perfectly against other rings.

Finger size: M

Ref: 53340

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for September


Green Tourmaline

This beautiful ring is set with a trap cut natural green Tourmaline in a top quality English made gold mount. We made it so we can guarantee it is totally unique and unrepeatable.

Finger size: L½

Ref: 47626


Yellow and green are the most common Tourmaline colour varieties, but emerald green is much rarer and more valuable. In fact, until the 18th century it was often confused with Emerald.

Truly Avant Garde

Fantastic ring with an incredible 2.8 carat, custom cut Aquamarine set in a solid platinum mount. Second hand, in excellent condition and unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Finger size: N

Ref: 33488

  • Aquamarine is the birthstone for March


Aquamarine is mined primarily in Brazil and occurs in blues and greens from which is gets its name; Aquamarine means sea water. It is also found in the Urals, Afghanistan, India and more recently Nigeria.

Pink Sapphires

Absolutely stunning 18ct white gold ear studs with integrated, hinged backs featuring pink Sapphires and Diamonds.

Ref: 19041

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for September
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


'Sapphire' refers to all gem-quality corundum that is not red (red curundum is called Ruby) and although it occurs in almost every colour it is most commonly associated with blues. Sapphires are mined all over the world with the finest quality found in Burma, Sri Lanka and India.

Antique Opals

Five graduated natural solid Opals showing a distinctive strong iridescence set in an 18ct gold mount.

A genuine anique hallmarked 'Chester 1902'

Finger size: P

Ref: 17542

  • Opal is the birthstone for October


Opal is hardened silica gel, contains 5% to 10% water and is therefore non-crystalline. The vibrant colours within an Opal are the result of the diffraction of light off the closely packed spheres of silica.

Ultra Vibrant

Fantastic and vibrant 18ct white gold ear studs set with Topaz, Peridot, Garnet and Diamonds.

Ref: 16955

  • Topaz is the birthstone for November
  • Peridot is the birthstone for August
  • Garnet is the birthstone for January
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


Peridot is the name for gem-quality specimens of the mineral olivine. It occurs all over the world but has been mined in St. Johns Island in the Red Sea for over 4,000 years.

Hessonite Cluster

A second hand cluster of rich red/brown Garnets set in a fully hallmarked 9ct gold mount.

Finger size O

Our ref: 53233

  • Garnet is the birthstone for January


The orange-brown colour of hessonite Garnets is due to magnesium and iron content. The finest quality speciments are found in Sri Lanka, although they are also found in Brazil, Canada and Siberia. Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans carved cameos and intaglios from hessonite.

Aqua Hearts

Extravagant ear studs comprising Aquamarine and Diamonds in solid 18ct white gold heart design mounts with extra safe threaded wires.

Ref: 22739

  • Aquamarine is the birthstone for March
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


In the 19th century the preferred colour of Aquamarine was sea-green, however, today the most valued colours are sky-blue. Aquamarine is dichroic, meaning it displays multiple colours, in the case of aquamarine it can appear blue or colourless from different angles.

Red, White & Gold

A classic cluster of natural Ruby and Diamonds in a gold pendant mount. Simple, stylish and ideal for everyday.

Ref: 46317

  • Ruby is the birthstone for July
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones for jewellery setting, yet the only thing seperating them from Sapphire is their colour. A Ruby's shade of red is dictated by the concentration of chromium and iron within the stone. Rubies are found worldwide, however, the finest examples come from Burma.

Antique Repro

Natural Peridot, Amethyst, Diamonds and seed Pearls set in an incredibly accurate reproduction of an antique pendant mount.

Ref: 52925

  • Peridot is the birthstone for August
  • Pearl is the birthstone for June
  • Amethyst is the birthstone for February


Pearls were once thought to be 'tears of the gods' when in fact they are the miraculous result of a natural defence mechanism within certain shellfish against an irritant. In cultured Pearls, this irritant is artificially introduced.

Topaz Suite

A matching set of blue Topaz set in a solid white gold mount on a white gold chain, complete with ear studs. All English made.

Ref: 40008, 51371, 51372

  • Topaz is the birthstone for November


Topaz occurs in a wide range of colours and hues but none so striking as the rich blues. Its vitreous lustre lead to its name being derived from the Sanskrit word for fire, 'tapas'.

Cadbury Purple

A fabulous 1.30ct trap cut Amethyst flanked by 0.25cts of baguette and princess cut Diamonds to each shoulder set in a substantial English made 18ct gold ring mount.

Finger size: N

Ref: 19075

  • Amethyst is the birthstone for February
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


Amethyst is the name given to crystalline quartz that occurs in shades of purple, lilac or mauve. They were traditionally worn to to guard against drunkenness and promote a sober mind, in fact its name is derived from the Ancient Greek 'a methysko' meaning 'not intoxicate'.

Sunset Sapphire

A wonderful orange Sapphire with trillion cut Diamonds to the sides securely set in an English made 18ct gold ring mount.

Finger size: N

Ref: 51043

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for September
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


Orange Sapphires derive their colour from their iron and chromium content and are considerably rarer than the usual blue tones. In simpler times people considered orange Sapphires to be 'very empowering for writers, singers and artists or anyone who expresses emotion through creativity.

Sapphire Cross

A subtle and stylish 18ct white gold cross pendant set with brilliant cut Sapphires and Diamonds and hung on an 18 inch 9ct white gold chain.

Ref: 16986 - 31220

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for September
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


Moss Agate

This ring is pre-owned but in immaculate condition. Originally handmade in sheffiled by one of our favouite jewellery makers, this 9ct gold pentagonal ring is set with moss Agate

Finger size: J½

Ref: 28559


Moss Agate is translucent and colourless with dark green dendritic (treelike) inclusions created by impurities present during formation. It is found in the Hindustan area of India, China and the USA.

Citrine Pendant

Pretty pendant with natural Citrine in solid silver mount on 16" long silver chain.

We have a few remaining pieces in stock that share this style; silver set with vibrant Citrine, Peridot and Amethyst, however thay are unrepeatable so don't miss out.

Ref: 49382 / 50150


Citrine is the yellow or golden veriety of Quartz.The yellow colouration is due to the presence of iron during formation and also gives the stone is name, derived from the word 'citrus'.