Fusion Range

Arthur Read Jeweller's exclusive Fusion Range is the perfect combination of old world charm and brand new quality. By harvesting exquisite antique and vintage Diamonds and setting them in modern mounts with a lifetime of wear ahead, we create something truly unique.

The fabulous pieces below are Fusion rings we have already put together, however, we also have dozens of loose Diamonds in stock that can be mounted in any style or white or yellow gold, palladium or platinum mount you can think of.

Every ring from our Fusion Range is guaranteed to be completely unique so if you would like a little more herritage and character than an off the peg modern brilliant, we have got just the thing...

Old Mine Cut

A genuine antique Old Mine (hand cut in the mid/late 1800's) Diamond weighing 2.51 carats set in a brand new English made 18ct rose gold mount.

Finger size: N

Ref: 46098

  • Diamond is the birthstone for April


The Old Mine is one of the oldest cuts recognised today. Its name now refers to the age, cut and cutting method of a stone, however the history is somewhat different. Before Africa became the centre of Diamond mining, most stones came from sites in India and Brazil and stones from this era were referred to as 'from the old mines' or 'an old miners cut'.
This style of cut was very popular in the 18th century and became fashionable again in the Victorian period. These stones are greatly sought after today, partly due the the relative rarity of good examples but mainly because they are so inherently charming.

Radiant Cut

This piece is a fantastic Radiant cut Diamond weighing exactly 1 carat set in an English made 18ct rose gold 'wed fit' mount, designed to sit perfectly against other rings.

Finger size: N

Ref: 43027


As a predecessor to the modern Princess Cut, the Radiant is a real beauty. It evokes the glamour and sparkle of Hollywood's golden age. Although still a vintage stone, the Radiant Cut is the masterwork of New York lapidary Henry Grossbard's 30 years of work culminating in 1977.

Vintage Brilliant

This vintage one carat brilliant cut Diamond has been 'upcycled' into a fantastic English made 18ct rose gold 'Wed Fit' mount.

Designed and built to last many lifetimes.

Finger size: N

Ref: 44045


The Round Brilliant cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowski in 1919. It represents the perfect mathematical algorithm for getting the optimum return of refracting and reflecting light through the top of the stone.

Fancy Brilliant

The subtle contrast in colours make this ring a real statement piece.

A vintage, naturally yellow brilliant cut Diamond contrasting with shoulder and surround set white Diamonds (total gem weight 0.96 carats) in finest quality platinum mount.

Finger size: M

Ref: 53341